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    Our Nursery Is Closed For The Season.   


                                   Thank You For A Wonderful Season !!! 

     Autumn has arrived, and with it comes the close of another fantastic season.  We want to thank all our visitors who were able to enjoy our 'Garden Gallery of Daylily Artistry', and we can promise that you will have an even more enjoyable experience next year. 
     We especially need to also thank those of you who were returning customers, or became customers for the first time.  It is because of your continued patronage and support, that we are able to provide this venue to the community, and we trust that every single customer has been pleased with their purchases, and will continue to enjoy the new found color and bloom that the daylilies you selected, have brought to your garden.
     We will continue to have the gardens open through October if anyone wishes to take in the beautiful rebloom which is still occurring, and will continue until our first killing frost.  Because the number of blooms available are more sparse, and vary by day, we will be open by appointment only; so please call prior to your visit so we can be available to greet you.
     Our gift shop will remain open as well, where we have a varied selection of candlelight and other gifts which are suited for all occasions.
      We are working on a Fall Promotion to thank all of our customers for once again providing us with our best season ever; and unlike other retailers who later mark down items you already purchased earlier in the year, we want to give you the opportunity to acquire that special daylily that you just fell in love with, only to find that it was more then your budget allowed for, and had to pass on.
     Watch for details soon !!!
      Our 2014 Catalog is posted above; this years edition is 51 pages.  We are currently adding some late additions to our catalog, and soon we will be able to give you a preview of what we will have available for 2015.
     We want to thank the American Hemerocallis Society, who makes their online database available to visitors, and the pictures you see are from their site.  We will be excited to see how well these new selections will perform here in our region, and how true they will be to the AHS image, as daylilies can present themselves with some variation in different regions of the country.  Normally, when we post images of our catalog, they are taken here in our garden, and we will always specify if the image is from a different source.  If you wish to view all 75,000 or so of current daylily cultivars, you can find the link to that database farther down this page.
     We would like to thank all our visitors from this and previous years, and promise an even better experience when you visit next year;  We are your source for Daylilies which are not only unique and varied, but will perform well for you in your own garden.
     As many of our past visitors will attest, you really need to visit at least three times in a season; June to see Early and Early to Mid-Bloom, Mid to Late July for Peak Bloom, and August/September to see Late Bloom.  Next year we will be offering well over 1500 AHS registered Daylilies for sale or display, with hundreds of seedlings, many a result of our own hybridizing program, and others from selected hybridizers. 
    So if you haven't had the opportunity to visit us as yet, enjoy the assorted images on the following pages, including the 2014 Display Daylilies.  If your only experience with daylilies is what you've seen at the local nursery, big box, or growing wild on the are in for a revelation!
     Even though we have been growing daylilies since 2006, opening to the public in 2009, we are still amazed by the beauty and variety of bloom daylilies offer to the casual or avid gardener.  From 1.75" Minis to 13" Unusual Forms, daylilies are a perennial which always put on a great display.
     Here at Lasting Dreams, we certainly have an appreciation for all flowers, but a passion for daylilies.  If you share that passion, or just want to learn more, consider joining the American Hemerocallis Society.  The website alone is a treasure trove of information and links, including where you can find a local club and events in your area.  Some of the website is free to visitors, but membership opens the door to alot more, including a series of beautiful color publications included in the fee.  Just click to learn more.

         ***Contact us if there is a particular image you can't find***
                                 Click Here ---The AHS Daylily E-News
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Throughout The Month Of October The Gardens and Gift Shop Will Be Open By Appointment Only...Please Call Prior To Your Planned Visit.


    We are currently scheduling 2014/2015/2016 speaking engagements for Garden Clubs and other groups.           We can either come to your venue, we can host you here in the gardens, or a combination of both.                We offer a varied selection of program which can accommodate the need of your organization;                     contact us for details, openings are limited and can fill quickly. **************************************************************************           

If you are an amateur or professional photographer or artist, we offer an excellent venue for still life subjects or portrait scenes.  You are welcome to stroll our gardens during regular hours, or call us if you have a special circumstance which requires a different time.


     Our Country Farm Garden is located in Orchard Park, New York, and is adjacent to US Route 219, a Scenic Byway, and easily accessible by major highways.  Our six acre property is easy walking for all ages, and we can accommodate parking for any type of vehicle from bicycle to bus.  Groups are welcome with advance notice.

For 2015 we will be featuring over 1500 AHS cultivars and hundreds of seedlings.                                     We are a NYS licensed and inspected nursery, also featuring a gift shoppe.                                                                          For 2014 we also have our own naturally homegrown produce available on site, available in season.

    If you have visited us in the past, and still have your catalog marked with your favorites that were only on display, it is likely that your wait is over since we are making hundreds more display plants available for sale.  If you have had your eye on that special daylily, contact us soon so we can make arrangements to hold that plant on "layaway", since on many, quantities will be limited.  The same holds for new customers viewing our current catalog.  If you see any flower marked with a "DISP", contact us as to availability and price, as we may have those cultivars available later in the season.

                                                                                                                                                         As always, we appreciate your patience, as the website is always a work in progress, and we are working to convert from a static site, to an interactive catalog and order system.  And also remember, we love to share our passion and knowledge; please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

We look forward to your visit.

Carol & Anthony Haj

6425 South Abbott Road,
Orchard Park, New York 14127-4704

Phone ---- (716) 648-4920            
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